The White Review 10호

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The White Review 10호

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The White Review

The White Review는 영국, 런던에서 발간되는 문학 잡지다.
매호 새로운 소설, 시, 에세이, 미술, 사진 작업을 수록하고 있다.

이번 10호에서는 카미유 앙로, 자크 랑시에르 (Jacques Rancière), 리디아 데이비스의 인터뷰와
조슈아 애벨로, 이자벨레 벤첼의 작업을 함께 엮었다.

-Geronimo by Benedict Andrews (Fiction)
-Camille Henrot (Interview)
-Poems by Wesley Rothman, Vidyan Ravinthiran, Mark Prince and Laura Elliott (Poetry)
-Vern Blosum, Phantom by William E. Jones (Essay)
-Jacques Rancière (Interview)
-Resistance by Chris Kraus (Fiction)
-Self-portrait with de Chirico and Other Works by Joshua Abelow (Art)
-Mr Franklin D. Huff by Nicola Barker (Fiction)
-Lydia Davis (Interview)
-Positions by Isabelle Wenzel (Art)
-Urgency and Patience by Jean-Philippe Toussaint (tr. Edward Gauvin)  (Essay)
-Poems by Najwan Darwish (tr. Sousan Hammad and Andrew Nance) (Poetry)
-What Can an Art Magazine Be? by Orit Gat (Essay)
-Miriam by Greg Baxter (Fiction)

165mm * 245mm