Cathedrale de Lausanne 1505-2022
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Cathedrale de Lausanne 1505–2022

An ordinary building disappears naturally as time goes by, but city landmarks like the Cathedral of Lausanne should survive against time and changes in surroundings. Furthermore, it has to sustain its original shape. As building undergo repair constantly they usually carve the year of this event on the building. With this, the building can maintain its form and can change repeatedly at the same time. Like a tabula rasa, various times and historicity are carved onto the building. 
Kyoungtae Kim chose the city landmark as a space which meets the distinct conflict of mutable and immutable things in a city. He tells this ironic situation especially with carved-letters of the Cathedral of Lausanne.

Kyoungtae Kim is an architectural photographer. He studied graphic design at Joong Ang University. As a freelance graphic designer he has mainly produced print materials for the arts and cultural fields. Now, he studies art direction at ECAL Lausanne, Switzerland. He is interested in taking photos of things and spaces and reorganizing them.

210mm * 297mm